Men and Women Watch

It is quiet difficult to come up with a difference between men and women watch today. With the concept of fashion which is taking place in our daily life, men can wear women watch and yet it will be considered as fashion. We can observe this on clothes, the way women wear men clothes and same men also wear women clothes. Today there are lot of watches that can be put into a lot of different categories, but they will always be two main qualities than the 2  can easily be separated into a basic levels; men and women watches. If you pay close attention to that difference, the size mostly comes as the first criteria which can separate the 2 watches. The men watches are mostly big compared to the women ones. Men watches tend to be larger and heavier then women watches. Another criteria to consider is the design of the watch. The design of the watch somehow can tell which one is the men or the women one. Find yourself better ways of getting cash by visiting casino francais online.  Coming to that, the color is also another factor which will describle that difference between the 2 watches. Men watches are generally in black color or silver color while the women ones are mostly in golden color. On the other side, women watches have a greater variety of color that goes from red, pink, purple and others.  Men watches are in most of the case simple and unassuming while women watches are made in order to attract attention. Along women watches, you will mostly find the decoration which may be engraved with flower print or diamonds. All this design is made in such a way to make the watch look more elegant and precious than men’s watches. is one of those sites which provide better guidance in order to win cash online.